Analytics Center of Excellence Boosts Marketing Efficiencies over $50M

Building an Analytics Center of Excellence in Marketing Analytics and beyond


Inefficient  marketing analytics

One of the largest banks, auto insurers and mortgage brokers in the U.S. needed to raise the capacity and quality of its analytics capability. However, it had previously been constrained by an inability to scale its existing marketing analytics capabilities.


Scalable analytic capabilities

Clarity established an analytics center of excellence (ACOE) at the company, including developing a suite of advanced analytics capabilities (e.g. simulation and process analytics). The solution has expanded to support 19 business areas including marketing analytics.


Decreased delivery time & marketing money saved

  • Clarity is part of an integrated Chief Data Office analytics team that has delivered annual returns on investment eight times (8x) their funding cost in reduced expenses and increased revenues.

  • Clarity helped design and implement automated reporting and analytics that returned over $90M in savings and efficiencies.

  • Marketing efficiencies saved more than $50 million.

  • Delivery cycle time decreased by 70% for top marketing analytics capabilities.

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