Marketing Insights Creates Over $50M Impact

Customer insights helped this communications company increase retention and grow customer lifetime value.


Get to know the customer and have better relationships

This large regional carrier sought to implement an enterprise data warehouse for using information delivery and marketing analytics to develop a
refined understanding of their customers' behavior and develop deeper, more profitable relationships.


Analytics & predictive modeling lead to insights 

Clarity created an analytical sandbox to support structured and ad hoc analysis efforts. Additionally, Clarity undertook performance analysis and predictive modeling for newly developed products and services (revenue, profitability, performance-to-plan, impact-to-churn, etc.).


Understanding the customer, improved marketing, cost savings

Leadership can now perform analysis and predictive modeling to understand customer behavior at a granular level by analyzing nearly 500 distinct campaign drops and over 58 million unique addressable marketing touch-points to improve customer experience and engagement. This reduced churn, increased gross adds and improved Average Revenue per Account.

  • Churn reduction benefits estimated at nearly $32M
  • New product analytics estimated revenue impact of $19M
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