Your 12 Week Bootcamp Guide to Implementing MDM


Like many industries, health Insurers are under pressure to control the high costs of services. To do that, they need the right data to understand trends and measure performance within their provider network.

Sadly, the capture and management of data is often split across multiple systems, resulting in duplicative efforts and missing data. But investing in a solution to this is seen by the industry as expensive.

In this white paper, Clarity lays out, how insurers can solve these data management issues at a significantly lower cost and duration than the industry average, without sacrificing business benefits .


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Data Engineering

Your data strategy and infrastructure are critical to your company’s success. So is choosing a partner with deep expertise across the board. Whether you’re launching a big data initiative, moving to the cloud or revamping your existing solutions, Clarity Insights helps your company make your data actionable. 

Our proven approach starts with getting to know your business. What are your needs and goals? Where does your existing platform fall short? We partner with your teams, evaluate your infrastructure and analyze the cost-benefit ratio of potential solutions.

Armed with those insights and our technical expertise, we design platform and application architectures that are tech-agnostic. Instead of force-fitting expensive or cumbersome solutions, Clarity focuses on what works best for your enterprise

Real-Time and Nearly Real-Time Data Processing

Take control of your entire supply chain with real-time, proactive analytics. Track materials throughout the manufacturing process, optimize your delivery networks and find the right mix of suppliers to increase your profit margins and your speed to market.

On-Premises to Cloud Migration


Our proven methodology for creating cloud environments that securely integrate with your existing on-premises systems and applications makes migrating to the cloud easy.

Agile Implementation


Our consultants are not only trained and certified in Agile implementation, but we have adapted Agile to the unique nature of big data projects. However, we don’t pigeonhole clients into our methodology. We have a tool which helps clients determine the right implementation for them, and whatever the result (or if you have a preferred implementation methodology—Agile, Waterfall or others) we will work with that.


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