Profiting From the Internet of Things

Clarity Insights created a real-time analytics solution that leveraged the Internet of Things to help this client align better with their customers and stand out from the crowd.


Improve customer relationship & standout from the rest

This oil and gas drilling company is on a mission to become the one-stop shop for data storage and data presentation for their customers. Their goal is to align better with their customers, focus on driving down the overall well cycle, and differentiate from their competitors. 


Real-time data to clients

Clarity delivered the strategy, planning and implementation of a “1-second data” solution that makes well data available in real-time to the client and its customers.


Value to customers & competitive advantage

Through Clarity’s work, the client gained new service offerings with a real competitive advantage. By enabling engineers to diagnose performance issues better at the wells, the client creates enhanced value to customer relationships and increased “stickiness”.

Because of this, the client estimates an ROI of more than 20x on this differentiated offering.

There are now further opportunities for ongoing managed services on the new platform to boost profits.

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