Improved quality and reduced risk with Snowflake Migration

Case Study


This U.S. media conglomerate was leveraging a big data platform with less than optimal performance at a high cost. End-users actively engaged with the platforming and it's overwhelming amount of tables and queries. The company wanted to onboard end-users to a cloud data warehouse in order to improve the performance and overall quality, reduce operational cost and improve time to market.


The client needed an automated migration framework that would reduce the manual conversion effort, improve end-user performance and enable onboarding.

Clarity developed the framework for migration by leveraging object conversion tools, implementing best practices and standards, and utilizing validation and conversion utilities. 


By integrating Clarity's end-to-end migration framework, the team was able to deploy the application with improved quality, prevent the need for costly and time-consuming rework and keep client deliveries on schedule. There were minimal manual efforts, errors, or delays resulting in a successful and swiftly executed migration. 

95% of DDLs and 78% of DMLs were successfully converted through automation without any manual effort. 

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