Turning Likes Into Ad Revenue

Clarity worked with a social media giant to understand and influence customer behavior, resulting in a boost in marketing effectiveness.


Tons of data and limited ad performance

This client had hundreds of millions of customers a day interacting with 2M advertisers on their site. This generated a lot of data—22 terabytes to be precise. Couldn’t we use the data to improve ad performance and therefore increase advertising sales?


Data instance transformation & analysis

The client had a distributed file system, one of the core elements of big data. However, the architecture system in place was too slow and harder to query across multiple elements. Working with our client, the Clarity team transformed the Vertica data instance so that the data was brought together in the right way, making it easier to query.

Clarity proceeded to conduct a number of analyses including:

  • Location analysis
  • Ad effectiveness analysis
  • Delivery funnel analysis
  • TURF Analysis


Results for advertisers = Increased Revenue

Our work created new customer insights and advanced targeting, which drove up demand and revenues by delivering unbeatable results for advertisers. For some clients, the performance lift from the insights were as great as 50%.

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