Customer Analytics

Know your customers and meet their needs with our customer analytics consulting solutions

We help Fortune 1000 marketing and sales organizations deliver $100s of millions through:
  • Prospect Prioritization

  • Acquisition and Onboarding

  • Relationship Depth and Wallet Share

  • Retention and Win-Back

  • Next Best Offer

  • Customer Behavior and Digital Experience

  • Customer Engagement and Journey Mapping

  • Satisfaction and Sentiment

  • Customer Lifetime Value

  • Micro-segmentation and Targeting

  • Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services and Strategic Market Analytics


Clarity Insights Recognized as a Leader in Customer Analytics
The Forrester Wave™: Customer Analytics Service Providers, Q2 2019
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Why Clarity’s Customer Data Analytics?

Start with a clear strategy and roadmap; we have a comprehensive sales and marketing framework to discover and prioritize your data and analytic needs

We’ll help you modernize your data architecture so that you have accurate, accessible data, and a 360-degree view of your customer

Once that foundation is in place, we’ll apply analytics and machine learning techniques to surface insights to drive decisions and automate actions

We then measure performance, monitoring metrics and fine-tuning our definition of success, and manage performance, ensuring your investment is returning value

The final step, operational execution, is the key to delivering value. Putting your insights to work everyday results in increased customer lifetime value, better customer experience, and deeper relationships

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Why Clarity’s Consumer Analytics?

Discover end-to-end solutions for your customer analytics needs:

Start with the right foundation

Sales and marketing strategic framework: outline of business outcomes, core
capabilities, and key performance indicators

Modern Data Architecture: technology to ingest all types of big data, ability to scale for processing and storage demands, and meet high security standards

Recommended data sources: leverage and integrate internal and external data sources to drive value


Take the next step

Analytics and machine learning: generate unparalleled insights about prospects and customers

Predictive marketing capabilities: micro-segmentation, cluster analysis, message mapping, next best offer, life event identification, consumer experience and journey mapping


Tie it all together

Reporting and KPI design: balanced scorecards and advanced metrics such as Relationship Depth and Customer Engagement

Integrated CRM capabilities: sales funnel conversion, increase customer acquisition, deepen customer relationships and ensure long-term retention

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