Modern Data Architecture

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Get serious about your return on data investment

Everywhere you turn, it’s data this, analytics that. The use cases are vast, the promises endless: “It’s the wave of the future, everyone is doing it, and it will generate money, money, money.” Yet we see companies spend tens of millions, or even hundreds of millions of dollars, on traditional data and analytic solutions that fail to live up to expectations. The bottom line is this: companies invest in the wrong data technologies, build solutions in a vacuum, and struggle with how to apply data and analytics to generate business value.


Why Clarity’s Modern Data Architecture?

This is what we do. We have the power to ingest your data from across your organization, store it in a data lake, call upon it whenever needed, and integrate powerful applications to create a seamless and comprehensive platform. We reduce development time from years to months, decrease delivery costs by up to 50%, and generate ROI through revenue generation and operational efficiencies.

Modern data architecture consists of:

A data lake to unite data silos and sources, and hold a variety of data types, both structured and unstructured

A data ingestion framework through metadata-driven architecture to schedule and load all your data into the data lake

Metadata management and data governance provide robust indexing and catalog functionality to ensure the data lake does not become a data swamp

A data integration layer that can perform in real-time with front-end and back-end operational systems

Customized ETL to transform data for dimensional modeling

A cloud platform to make the solution scalable, cost efficient, and enterprise accessible

End-to-end integration with analytic capabilities such as sandboxes, modeling software, BI toolkits, multi-dimensional KPIs, and balanced scorecards

Data security features that remain on the cutting edge of technology and enable multi-tenant access for the organization

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